"I would like to thank you most sincerely for your efforts and commitment to the company during the time you have been employed with us. There is no doubt that you have made a great contribution to the logistic activity and do not believe we would have achieved MRPII CIass 'A' status without your contribution..."


Neil Ansell - Chief Operations Officer

Lufthansa Technik

"with his high level of specialist knowledge, Mr Schmidt made a significant contribution to the fact that we as a company were able to significantly advance digitization and automation in the workshops. In an optimal way, Mr. Schmidt combined detailed process knowledge from the aviation industry with software know-how from the ERP and MES system landscape..."


Dr. Severin Todt - Senior Director IT


"The structured way of working and goal-oriented approaches quickly led to success. Savings and optimization potentials are reliably recognized and analyzed by him. His loyalty is outstanding and we appreciate his honest opinion..."


Joachim Gronau - Managing Director


 "Mr. Schmidt put a lot of personal effort into implementing the corporate goals of our subsidiary PSIPENTA Softwaresystems GmbH and made a valuable contribution to successful corporate development, among other things. He also performed outstanding as a responsible member of the management..."


Dr. Harald Schrimpf - CEO

RWTH Aachen | fir

"Mr Schmidt optimally combine process knowledge from industry with software application know-how, in the past he was always a highly valued and committed contact person and representative of the practice, who made us a member with his expert knowledge from the aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering and automotive sectors our research advisory board has given many valuable tips and suggestions ... "


Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh & Prof. Dr. Volker Stich 

SR Technics

"Mr. Schmidt has an ideal mixture of knowledge of the software industry and process knowledge of the aviation industry.

His very quick grasp is impressive. The way of working is structured and results-oriented.

Risks and optimization potential are quickly identified and analyzed, and improvements are implemented professionally. 

Mr. Schmidt has the highest recognition in the management team of SR Technics IT and among the employees."


Norbert Hoffmann - CIO

Krone AG

"As the Teamleader of material scheduling at KRONE GmbH, Mr. Schmidt played a key role in setting up a modern material disposition. During that time he had mastered the ERP system COS from IBM and introduced the PIUS-O system as a project manager."


Bernhard Hillebrand - Head of Production Planning and Scheduling